Five Straightforward Tips For Becoming Your Ex Lover Back


It is difficult trying to get an ex boyfriend back when you aren't sure if there is any real chance of it happening. I like you don't like my heart being broken and it's even worse when you fail at getting your ex back. These tips will give you some help in figuring out how to get back your ex boyfriend.

Be Kind

It can be very easy to want to lash out because you are frustrated and want to get your ex back quickly. You might even do things that are out of character because your heart is hurting and you want to end the pain. Make sure you don't try to embarrass your ex boyfriend by sharing personal information that you have in hopes of getting back at him or trying to show him how desperate you are to get him back.

Be Realistic and Patient

There are some breakups that can be undone in a week or two and some take years. Please don't put pressure on yourself to win your ex boyfriend back by some unrealistic date. If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting your ex boyfriend back then settle the issue in your mind and heart that it will take as long as it takes. You will know in your heart if its time to give up trying.

Be Seen But Not Pesty

I'm sure one of your fears is that if your ex boyfriend doesn't see you or talk with you he's going to forget about you. If he had or has any love for you he can't forget you that easily. Don't panic and start overwhelming him with phone messages and emails or Facebook messages. It's OK to keep in touch with polite or purposeful contacts but they should be lighthearted, loving and make your ex boyfriend miss you and not resent you.

Be Slightly Different

I have no idea why you and your ex boyfriend broke up and what's so special about him that you want him back. He must be a great guy and he probably needed something to be different in your relationship. Only you know what that is and can let him see that you have what he is looking for. Keep in mind that I'm not suggesting that you change just to make him happy and allow yourself to be miserable. However, if you are willing to be different and the kind of person he feels connected to, why not give him a glimpse of the new and improved you the next time you see him or chat with him?

Make A Plan To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

There are many steps you can take to get your ex boyfriend back into your life. For example, you could write him a couple of love letters that can touch his heart and help him to realize the mistake that he made. It could also give him a chance to come back without feeling like he is weak and needy.

The one thing you don't want to do when trying to win an ex boyfriend back is make it up as you go along. You will trip over your own feet and for every step forward you take you will most likely end up taking two back.

The key is to know when to call or write and what to say when you do. It's all about knowing how to get back his heart and make him want you back in his life. One of the other important steps in getting your ex boyfriend back is not doing things to push him away.